Michael Kincaid

Senior Vice President, Global Business Owner, Lodging Systems, dormakaba Americas

Michael Kincaid is Senior Vice President, Global Business Owner, Lodging Systems (LGS) for dormakaba Americas.

Kincaid leads the Lodging Systems globally. He is also the Business leader for the Montreal (Centre of Excellence for Lodging Systems) operations within North America.

In his roles, Kincaid drives critical growth initiatives in today’s lodging market which includes hospitality, multi-housing, and vacation rentals sectors.

His focus is on delivering solutions unique to each of the three Lodging sectors that not only provide a secure stay, but also leverage the latest in mobile, wireless and IoT technology to let each guest or resident enjoy the benefits of a “smart” environment. Property managers and operators can leverage the same solutions for operating efficiencies through data analysis.

Kincaid has been with dormakaba since 1998, holding executive leadership roles at the company’s locations in Montreal, Winston Salem and Indianapolis. Prior to his current role, he held a seven-year appointment as Chief Operating Officer, AS Americas and a member of the Executive Committee.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and Master of Business Administration from McGill University, Montreal.